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  1. Boa noite, sou begginer total..., haha, estou com uma aplicacao em estudo/teste e na index tenho uma situação de 2 radios button disabled / enabled. Porem quando "enabled" esta selecionado, não posso permitir que salve, sem preenche(selecionar) dado em um select que compõe essa index. Alguém poderia me ajudar, ou, passar o link de algum exemplo/projeto??? Minha def no controller: def create @recharge = Organization::Recharge.new(recharge_params) @recharge.balancebellow = Money.from_amount(recharge_params[:balancebellow_cents].to_f) @recharge.balancerecharge = Money.from_amount(recharge_params[:balancerecharge_cents].to_f) @recharge.organization = active_organization respond_to do |format| if @recharge.save flash[:notice] = "Your order was successfully created." format.html { redirect_to controller: :corporate_users, action: :index } format.json { render :show, status: :created, location: @recharge } else flash[:notice] = "Your order are not created." format.html { redirect_to controller: :corporate_users, action: :index } format.json { render json: @recharge.errors, status: :unprocessable_entity } end end end Trecho do index: #AR-Modal.modal.fade{:role => "dialog"} .modal-dialog Modal content .modal-content = form_for @new_recharge, url: organization_recharges_path, :html => {:method => :post} do |f| .modal-header %button.close.def-cctype{"data-dismiss" => "modal", :type => "button"} %h4.modal-title.header-modal.font-color Configure Auto-Recharge .modal-body.body-modal %div.top-tfext We`ll only charge your payment method when your balance falls below the amount you set. .row.col-md-12.row-auto-recharge-style .col-md-6.ar-label-align.pull-left AUTO RECHARGE .col-md-6.radio-stl .radio.radio-success .col-md-6 .pull-left = f.radio_button :autorecharge, 'false', checked: true = f.label :autorecharge, 'DISABLED', :value => 'false' .col-md-6 .pull-left = f.radio_button :autorecharge, 'true' = f.label :autorecharge, 'ENABLED', :value => 'true' .row.col-md-12.row-auto-recharge-style .col-md-6.model-label-align.pull-left = f.label :balancebellow_cents, "IN THE BALANCE FALLS BELLOW" .col-md-6.pull-left .controls .sel2-style = select("organization_recharge",:balancebellow_cents, [10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50], {include_blank: '--- Please select ---', class: "form-control"}) .row.col-md-12.row-auto-recharge-style .col-md-6.model-label-align.pull-left = f.label :balancerecharge_cents, "RECHARGE THE BALANCE TO" .col-md-6.pull-left .controls .sel2-style = select("organization_recharge",:balancerecharge_cents, [10,20], {include_blank: '--- Please select ---', class: "form-control"}) #cctype-mode.row.col-md-12.row-auto-recharge-style .col-md-6.model-label-align.pull-left PAYMENT METHOD .col-md-6.pull-left .form-actions.payment-method .col-md-4.pull-left .controls .payment-ty-text = @cc_default.try(:card_type) .col-md-8 .payment-ty-text-2.pull-left **** **** **** .controls .payment-ty-text-3.pull-left = @cc_default.try(:digits) .col-md-4 .mod-cctype %p %span.call-select Change #sel-mode.row.col-md-12.row-auto-recharge-style .col-md-6.model-label-align.pull-left PAYMENT METHOD .col-md-6.pull-left .form-actions.payment-method .col-md-6.pull-left .controls .payment-ty = select("organization_recharge",:organization_payment_method_id, @ccs.collect {|cc| [ "#{cc.card_type} #{cc.digits}", cc.id ] }, {selected: @cc_default.try(:id), class: "form-control"}) .modal-footer .col-md-12 .pull-right %button.btn.btn-success.btn-cons{type:"submit"} Save .pull-right %button.btn.btn-cons.cancel-confirm.def-cctype{"data-dismiss" => "modal", :type => "button"} Cancel

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