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Vitor Oliveira 26

Fazer destaque rotativo!

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Em um templete WordPress, existe a area destaques, chamados "featured" alquem que pode me explicar que arquivo devo auterar para fazer esse DESTAQUE ficar rodando (como o destaque do site de uol, ele fica trocando de materia o tempo todo)


você podem ver neste link que a area destaque não está rodando!


Gostaria de fazer este destaque rodar!


o Templete que estou usando é o BlogNews antigo!


Se alguem puder me ajudar!

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Cara também estou estundo testando este template e tive o mesmo problema porém resolvir da seguinte forma

retirei o feutured do codigo do site e adicionei o plugin Post Highlights v 2.2 ainda não tenho esse modelo no ar pra você ver como ficou mas posso lhe garanti que foi a melhor solução que encontre, pois tbm tentei adiconar botar o slider sem ter a nescecidade de plugin usando um slide jquery porém quando adiconei ele deu conflito com o efito carousel que ja tem no template.

espero ter lhe ajudado

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Opa !!!


Então vou passar os arquivo sque eu tenho aqui!


E que eu acho que poderia ser!


Um chama slideItFeatured.js


    id: "slider2",  //id of main slider DIV
    contentsource: ["inline", ""],  //Valid values: ["inline", ""] or ["ajax", "path_to_file"]
    toc: "markup",  //Valid values: "#increment", "markup", ["label1", "label2", etc]
    nextprev: ["", ""],  //labels for "prev" and "next" links. Set to "" to hide.
    revealtype: "click", //Behavior of pagination links to reveal the slides: "click" or "mouseover"
    enablefade: [true, 0.4],  //[true/false, fadedegree]
    autorotate: [false, 15000],  //[true/false, pausetime]
    onChange: function(previndex, curindex){  //event handler fired whenever script changes slide
        //previndex holds index of last slide viewed b4 current (1=1st slide, 2nd=2nd etc)
        //curindex holds index of currently shown slide (1=1st slide, 2nd=2nd etc)

O outro Chama contentslider.js



//** Featured Content Slider script- (c) Dynamic Drive DHTML code library: http://www.dynamicdrive.com.
//** May 2nd, 08'- Script rewritten and updated to 2.0.
//** June 12th, 08'- Script updated to v 2.3, which adds the following features:
            //1) Changed behavior of script to actually collapse the previous content when the active one is shown, instead of just tucking it underneath the later.
            //2) Added setting to reveal a content either via "click" or "mouseover" of pagination links (default is former).
            //3) Added public function for jumping to a particular slide within a Featured Content instance using an arbitrary link, for example.

//** July 11th, 08'- Script updated to v 2.4:
            //1) Added ability to select a particular slide when the page first loads using a URL parameter (ie: mypage.htm?myslider=4 to select 4th slide in "myslider")
            //2) Fixed bug where the first slide disappears when the mouse clicks or mouses over it when page first loads.
// Featured Content Slider- © Dynamic Drive DHTML code library (www.dynamicdrive.com)
// This notice MUST stay intact for legal use
// Visit Dynamic Drive at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/ for this script and 100s more

var featuredcontentslider={

//3 variables below you can customize if desired:
ajaxloadingmsg: '<div style="margin: 20px 0 0 20px"><img src="loading.gif" /> Fetching slider Contents. Please wait...</div>',
bustajaxcache: true, //bust caching of external ajax page after 1st request?
enablepersist: true, //persist to last content viewed when returning to page?

settingcaches: {}, //object to cache "setting" object of each script instance

jumpTo:function(fcsid, pagenumber){ //public function to go to a slide manually.
    this.turnpage(this.settingcaches[fcsid], pagenumber)

    var page_request = false
    if (window.ActiveXObject){ //Test for support for ActiveXObject in IE first (as XMLHttpRequest in IE7 is broken)
        try {
        page_request = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP")
        catch (e){
            page_request = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
            catch (e){}
    else if (window.XMLHttpRequest) // if Mozilla, Safari etc
        page_request = new XMLHttpRequest()
        return false
    var pageurl=setting.contentsource[1]
        featuredcontentslider.ajaxpopulate(page_request, setting)
    var bustcache=(!this.bustajaxcache)? "" : (pageurl.indexOf("?")!=-1)? "&"+new Date().getTime() : "?"+new Date().getTime()
    page_request.open('GET', pageurl+bustcache, true)

ajaxpopulate:function(page_request, setting){
    if (page_request.readyState == 4 && (page_request.status==200 || window.location.href.indexOf("http")==-1)){

    var alldivs=document.getElementById(setting.id).getElementsByTagName("div")
    for (var i=0; i<alldivs.length; i++){
        if (this.css(alldivs[i], "contentdiv", "check")){ //check for DIVs with class "contentdiv"
                alldivs[i].style.display="none" //collapse all content DIVs to begin with

    var sliderdiv=document.getElementById(setting.id)
    var pdiv=document.getElementById("paginate-"+setting.id)
    var phtml=""
    var toc=setting.toc
    var nextprev=setting.nextprev
    if (typeof toc=="string" && toc!="markup" || typeof toc=="object"){
        for (var i=1; i<=setting.contentdivs.length; i++){
            phtml+='<a href="#'+i+'" class="toc">'+(typeof toc=="string"? toc.replace(/#increment/, i) : toc[i-1])+'</a> '
        phtml=(nextprev[0]!=''? '<a href="#prev" class="prev">'+nextprev[0]+'</a> ' : '') + phtml + (nextprev[1]!=''? '<a href="#next" class="next">'+nextprev[1]+'</a>' : '')
    var pdivlinks=pdiv.getElementsByTagName("a")
    var toclinkscount=0 //var to keep track of actual # of toc links
    for (var i=0; i<pdivlinks.length; i++){
        if (this.css(pdivlinks[i], "toc", "check")){
            if (toclinkscount>setting.contentdivs.length-1){ //if this toc link is out of range (user defined more toc links then there are contents)
                pdivlinks[i].style.display="none" //hide this toc link
            pdivlinks[i].setAttribute("rel", ++toclinkscount) //store page number inside toc link
                featuredcontentslider.turnpage(setting, this.getAttribute("rel"))
                return false
        else if (this.css(pdivlinks[i], "prev", "check") || this.css(pdivlinks[i], "next", "check")){ //check for links with class "prev" or "next"
                featuredcontentslider.turnpage(setting, this.className)
                return false
    this.turnpage(setting, setting.currentpage, true)
    if (setting.autorotate[0]){ //if auto rotate enabled
            featuredcontentslider.cleartimer(setting, window["fcsautorun"+setting.id])
        sliderdiv["onclick"]=function(){ //stop content slider when slides themselves are clicked on
            featuredcontentslider.cleartimer(setting, window["fcsautorun"+setting.id])
        setting.autorotate[1]=setting.autorotate[1]+(1/setting.enablefade[1]*50) //add time to run fade animation (roughly) to delay between rotation

    var result=window.location.search.match(new RegExp(fcsid+"=(\\d+)", "i")) //check for "?featuredcontentsliderid=2" in URL
    return (result==null)? null : parseInt(RegExp.$1) //returns null or index, where index (int) is the selected tab's index

turnpage:function(setting, thepage, autocall){
    var currentpage=setting.currentpage //current page # before change
    var totalpages=setting.contentdivs.length
    var turntopage=(/prev/i.test(thepage))? currentpage-1 : (/next/i.test(thepage))? currentpage+1 : parseInt(thepage)
    turntopage=(turntopage<1)? totalpages : (turntopage>totalpages)? 1 : turntopage //test for out of bound and adjust
    if (turntopage==setting.currentpage && typeof autocall=="undefined") //if a pagination link is clicked on repeatedly
    this.cleartimer(setting, window["fcsfade"+setting.id])
    if (setting.enablefade[0]==true){
    if (setting.enablefade[0]==false){ //if fade is disabled, fire onChange event immediately (verus after fade is complete)
        setting.contentdivs[setting.prevpage-1].style.display="none" //collapse last content div shown (it was set to "block")
        setting.onChange(setting.prevpage, setting.currentpage)
    if (setting.prevpage<=setting.toclinks.length) //make sure pagination link exists (may not if manually defined via "markup", and user omitted)
        this.css(setting.toclinks[setting.prevpage-1], "selected", "remove")
    if (turntopage<=setting.toclinks.length) //make sure pagination link exists (may not if manually defined via "markup", and user omitted)
        this.css(setting.toclinks[turntopage-1], "selected", "add")
    if (this.enablepersist)
        this.setCookie("fcspersist"+setting.id, turntopage)

setopacity:function(setting, value){ //Sets the opacity of targetobject based on the passed in value setting (0 to 1 and in between)
    var targetobject=setting.contentdivs[setting.currentpage-1]
    if (targetobject.filters && targetobject.filters[0]){ //IE syntax
        if (typeof targetobject.filters[0].opacity=="number") //IE6
        else //IE 5.5
    else if (typeof targetobject.style.MozOpacity!="undefined") //Old Mozilla syntax
    else if (typeof targetobject.style.opacity!="undefined") //Standard opacity syntax

    if (setting.curopacity<1){
        this.setopacity(setting, setting.curopacity+setting.enablefade[1])
        window["fcsfade"+setting.id]=setTimeout(function(){featuredcontentslider.fadeup(setting)}, 50)
    else{ //when fade is complete
        if (setting.cacheprevpage!=setting.currentpage) //if previous content isn't the same as the current shown div (happens the first time the page loads/ script is run)
            setting.contentdivs[setting.cacheprevpage-1].style.display="none" //collapse last content div shown (it was set to "block")
        setting.onChange(setting.cacheprevpage, setting.currentpage)

cleartimer:function(setting, timervar){
    if (typeof timervar!="undefined"){
        if (setting.cacheprevpage!=setting.currentpage){ //if previous content isn't the same as the current shown div

css:function(el, targetclass, action){
    var needle=new RegExp("(^|\\s+)"+targetclass+"($|\\s+)", "ig")
    if (action=="check")
        return needle.test(el.className)
    else if (action=="remove")
        el.className=el.className.replace(needle, "")
    else if (action=="add")
        el.className+=" "+targetclass

 window["fcsautorun"+setting.id]=setInterval(function(){featuredcontentslider.turnpage(setting, "next")}, setting.autorotate[1])

    var re=new RegExp(Name+"=[^;]+", "i"); //construct RE to search for target name/value pair
    if (document.cookie.match(re)) //if cookie found
        return document.cookie.match(re)[0].split("=")[1] //return its value
    return null

setCookie:function(name, value){
    document.cookie = name+"="+value


    var persistedpage=this.getCookie("fcspersist"+setting.id) || 1
    var urlselectedpage=this.urlparamselect(setting.id) //returns null or index from: mypage.htm?featuredcontentsliderid=index
    this.settingcaches[setting.id]=setting //cache "setting" object
    setting.currentpage=urlselectedpage || ((this.enablepersist)? persistedpage : 1)
    setting.revealtype="on"+(setting.revealtype || "click")
    setting.onChange=setting.onChange || function(){}
    if (setting.contentsource[0]=="inline")
    if (setting.contentsource[0]=="ajax")


Aguardo você me Dizer oque tenho que auterar!



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Está assim:

autorotate: [false, 15000],  //[true/false, pausetime]

Deixe assim:

autorotate: [true, 15000],  //[true/false, pausetime]

15000 é a velocidade na qual ele "roda", altere de acordo com a velocidade que quizer...

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Boa tarde Anderson!


Não Deu certo não!



Alguem que intende de PHP poderia me add no Skype para me ajudar?


Meu Skype é vitorcherulli


estou aguardando!



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