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About Me

I am a visionary technology and lover of their respective areas. With four years of experience, specifically in web development framework (Front End), discovered this passion for code and design (UI / UX) to 15 years old and even today I improving my knowledge for each day evolving more and more . Good ideas do not fail me, and the will to carry them out is what keeps me focused on this amazing technology market.

Web languages:

• PHP 5;
• HTML 5;
• CSS 3/Sass;
• Javascript;
• Jquery;
• Vue.js;
• Mysql;
• PWA (Progressive Web Apps);
• MongoDB.

Methods and Technologies:

• Gulp;
• Git/Bitbucket;
• Scrum;
• SEO;
• AdWords;
• Analytics;
• Digital Marketing.


• Public presentation for teachers and instructors of technical progress;
• Team Leadership development;
• Social Media.


• AMCHAM 2012, São Paulo;
• Mobile development, São José dos Campos, UNIVAP, 2013;
• Global Azure Bootcamp, São José dos Campos, ETEP, 2016.

You can see my résumé here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eduhonorato/

My contacts
E-mail: eduardo_pk@live.com
WhatsApp message or Call: +55 (12) 9 9109-6938


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