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  1. ArjunKumar

    Want to Build a Vegan Website

    Hello All, I am vegan from the last 7 months and i want to build a WordPress website but i am confused for a free or paid theme. Can anyone tell me free theme is working fine? I want to build a website that gives vegan information to the right users. I have check one reference for this and I want to build a site the same as this. Can anyone tell me some wodpress themes or plugins?
  2. ArjunKumar

    Brand Awareness

    @Motta ohh thanks to suggesting me. If you know english based forum, where I can put my query its help to me. Thanks!
  3. ArjunKumar

    Brand Awareness

    Hello All, I want to create more awareness of my services, So can I go with proper SEO or go with paid campaign. I am little bit confused, I am talking about my service page which is PPC based in region wise like this PPC services in Gurgaon but the problem is this which path is good doing organic ranking or using paid ads? Can anyone suggest me, if i do seo i think it will take long time to rank the page.
  4. ArjunKumar

    Map.has( ) In JavaScript

    Hi, I have been using the HTML and javascript for a while in Map. I just realized that after inserting a value with javascript/jquery the answer is not recognized by Map. I have to google it to learn more thinks about the Javascript map and I have found some good results but didn't get the right query about it. I am stuck between the code. Please check it, Is it right? Self : {self} <script> $(document).ready(function(){ var whatiwant = "this is what I want"; $("#answer714997X7X98").val(whatiwant); }); </script>
  5. Anyone here is the Cobol developer in a bank filed, Can you suggest me how can i learn and how can i better in Cobol language? Any reference?

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